belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

I can haz garb!

I can haz garb for KASF!

No, it is not the gothic fitted gown. After talking with the fabulous chargirlgenius, GFD specialist extraordinaire, I realized that after dropping more than 20 pounds since we fitted said pattern, it would take at least another fitting and quite a bit of time to re-do it. Since time is something I sorely lack at this point, the GFD was a no go.

At least for now.

Next, I entertained the idea of quickly making a boned kirtle. I know how to make those things with my eyes closed. However, that would have meant driving myself crazy for the entirety of the week in the hopes of having something finished by this weekend which didn't look like it was sloppily put in a hurry.

So scratch that.

Last, but not least, I dusted out my old black Florentine gown and gave it a shot at alteration. I must admit, I was concerned. The bodice was bag-lined, as opposed to flat-lined, which makes alteration all the more interesting. Especially when you have to make significant changes to your garment.

In other words, I had always been intimidated by altering a bag-lined garment and therefore never altered one before. With that in mind, I said "Here goes to nothing" and went to work.

And guess what? It worked!

Yes, I had to take about 4 inches off the waist but now it fits beautifully and most of the stress is taken from the inner lining.

Oh! And I also altered my woolen fencing trunkhose! No more breeches falling off my butt! Yay me!

So yes, boys and girls, this Saturday I will be able to wear a garment that fits, which these days is kind of a novelty to me. Whooo-hoooo!!!!!!!!!

Now, all I need is for Historic Enterprises Revival Leather to ship my shoes on time. I just realized that at the time I made this dress, I didn't have the right shoes and wore the gown with modern Mary Janes. They pass the 10 foot rule, but they are not the right thing. And since I hadn't worn this dress since forever, I did not realize I had no proper shoes until it was too late.

The aforementioned shoes are in stock, and I have asked them to FedEx them. I have also put a note of "I would like to wear the shoes this Saturday, pretty please," but I'm not holding my breath. If they show up, great. If not, oh, well.

But it would be nice to have my period shoes.

Heck, I shouldn't complain. Last week I had nothing to wear. Now I have something that fits right and looks awesome. And if the shoes arrive late, there will be other chances to wear them.

Here's to hope.
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