belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Fitness thoughts on a Monday

Today it was measurement day with -C- the personal torturer.

The results? Awesome. Without really affecting my weight more than a pound or so, I have shaved almost 2 inches off my waist, lost a bit more than a pound of fat, and my strenght and flexibility have improved considerably.

On the other hand, my muscle mass has remained the same. This means that I have lost fat, and kept muscle. Yay me! However, for the goals we have in mind, I need to actually gain more muscle, not just keep it.

With this in mind, we checked my nutrition program and it so happens I need to eat more.

Yes, boys and girls, I am not eating enough to gain that coveted muscle mass, and I need to do it.

Does this mean that I need to go to the vending machine and stuff on chocolate?

Perish the thought!

What I need to do is increase my caloric intace with more protein, while keeping the fat in check. The carbs? I am not too worried about them. I actually need them, as long as they are the complex ones. But they need to be in balance with my protein.

This is harder than it seems. For one thing, I find it hard to eat more. And no, drinking protein shots does not do the trick as it would be difficult to digest 50 grs of protein in one sitting. And the protein that is not digested becomes fat.

What I need to do is increase the frequency of my snacks with higher caloric/protein content, and also with the necessary complex carbs to balance, which I will probably do by adding one more snack to my routine.

Ahhhh, the joys of bodybuilding!

And speaking of nutrition, I shall go and have lunch now.

A double stacked turkey sandwich awaits me, and turkey waits for no one.

Belfebe out.
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