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Randomosity on a Thursday

Okay boys and girls. Mark your calendars. I just Spiked Chalice of the Sun God VI: Leda's Twins, for the weekend of September 18-20. Same Bat-site, same Bat-channel.

More info coming up as soon as I have everything ironed out.

In other non-Chalice related news, the Travel Channel has been enthusiastically plugging Bridget's new travel show, Bridget's Sexiest Beaches".

Yup, that's Girls' Next Door Bridget Marquardt. From the three of them, she's the one I think got the best deal, although Kendra seems to be doing very well for herself. She -- Kendra -- will be the new face of Marc Ecko Fashion, and is getting her own reality show. Go girls!

As for Holly, all she got was Chris Angel.

And he's an escape artist.

Girl needs to wisen up and do something on her own. She recently announced that she wasn't a junior editor at Playboy anymore because a) it didn't pay enough, and b) she had moved to Vegas with her new squeeze. I am not sure how good this move is for business, but I am a big believer in women attaining the status of independent means. Guess she's more old fashioned than that.

Oh, well. I would still like to see one of them in Dancing with the Stars, but DWTS has not humored me this year.

At any rate, Bridget's new show kicks in March 12, 2009.

I can't wait to see it.
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