belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Slackericious Times

I have been rather slacking on my needlework and other projects. I think that the whole 12th Night rush and other life occurrences really took a lot of energy out of me.

Having said that, I have finally started sewing the decorations to the Valois gown overskirt, which has allowed me to confirm that there was no way I was going to sew all that stuff in time for 12th Night. However, I am really happy that now I can do it at my leasure and with no deadline on sight. Yay me!

This also means that the Valois Gown of Insanity(TM) will not be making at appearance at Kingdom A&S Festival as previously planned. It is not so much that it won't be finished (I am sure I could, if I hurry), but the fact that I would have to sit in a truck in a farthingale, for at least an hour. Most importantly, I would have to drive back wearing said farthingale after wearing it all day.

It's just soooo not happening.

And no, I have no plans of changing on site. It is relly awkward to get in and out of a getup like this in a public bathroom. And since ballistabob is currently the only one who knows how to get me in (and especially out -- hubba, hubba), of this thing, and since his presence in a ladies' bathroom would cause all sorts of commotion, I will hold the wearing of my gown for another occassion. Preferably one where we are hotelling it, or a local event where I can change at home.

This leaves me wondering what the heck I am going to wear, given the sorry state of my wardrobe. I think I can alter my Florentine gown. It should go fast enough (here's to hope). Or even try my hand at a Gothic fitted dress, which wouldn't probably take that long.

And if you see me in my wool fencing duds, you will know I ran out of time.

Oh, well.

But at least I am picking up a needle again, which is good.

Next stop: Working on Margot, the new doll, and continue stitching Alina's coif.

Stay tuned.
Tags: costuming, events, random

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