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When funky hats happen to good people

Good morning!

First of all, welcome new readers! As I have posted on my profile, this journal is basically open, so everyone is welcome. The more the merrier. :-)

Anywhoo, this morning, we were surprised to find out that El Brato had taken out the trash and the recycling bins, and had ran the dishwasher. And all without having to be reminded of it. The boy can learn!

(So who are you, and what have you done with my kid?)

(Nevermind . . .)

In other news, last night I dreamed that I was purchasing a felt hat. It was black, wide brimmed and elegant, but it had no decorations or any other distinguishing features.

So in my dream, the sales lady says: "Shall I wrap it for you?"

"Yes," I reply.

"Wonderful. I will charge your card for $1000.00"

So I wake up, and I ask myself if I would pay $1000.00 for a good quality hat. Hmmmm . . . I'm not sure about that, but I do like hats. Especially quality hats.

But $1000.00?

I need to find myself another dream that features more affordable hats . . .

So getting into a bit of dream analysis, I think that I've been subconsciously thinking of Aretha Franklin's incredibly bodacious, custom-made inauguration hat, which reportedly cost significantly less than $1000.00. According to several articles, Mr. Song, of Mr. Song's Millinery, who is the person responsible for this little number, doesn't charge nearly as much for his custom made hats.

If you don't remember what Aretha's notorious hat looked like, here's an image.

Now, is this a pretty hat? Nope. It is one of the fugliest things I have ever seen. Yet, it has become an iconic piece of headwear, and Mr. Song has been making a mint selling an off-the-rack version of it. He can't keep them in stock!

But seriously, I believe that it is a pity that hats are not as fashionable in this century as it used to be in other periods. In my opinion, headwear is not optional (or it shouldn't be, at any rate). Especially if you want to look the part.

Personally, I have the upper part of one of our closets dedicated exclusively to hats and headwear. And it's not only period pieces. I will wear a hat at the least provocation, with little regard for any psychological trauma that this may cause to any innocent bystanders -- casual or otherwise.

One of my favorite hat moments was when I was boarding the plane to Mexico a couple of weeks ago. So here I was, minding my own business and standing in line, when I noticed this lady standing in front of me, proudly wearing an inauguration commemorative baseball cap. Now, lots of people came to the presidential inauguration and purchased commemorative hats. The thing about her is that hers still sported the price tag on it.

Which begs the question. Why would someone wear a cap with the price tag still attached? Did they forget to take it off? Did they want to keep it in "mint" condition in the hopes that it would go up in value as a collector's item? If the latter, leaving traces of your hair in the cap is not going to help your case, but heck, go for it girl.

Minnie Pearl is watching and proud of you.

Me? I can't wait for Mr. Song's online store go become functional and see what his prices are. So far, his Fall collection has some really cool pieces -- but I still can't bring myself to acquire an Aretha Franklin hat.

Then again, I have been known to surprise myself . . .

And just because it is a nice day and I am inspired, I leave you with yet another survey.

Poll #1344148 Holy Jumping Hats Aretha!

What do you think of Aretha's hat?

It's awesome! I want one!
It's genius, but I would not wear one like that
Minnie Mouse wants her hat back
Get it out of here!
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