belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

To Do List

Okay, taking 5 minutes out of my whirlwind of a day, here is my to do costuming list:

One corded petticoat,
One satin skirt for the French nightmare -- with velvet guards
One embroidered purse for said French ensemble
One new muff (optional)
One velvet Italian cap for French ensemble (a must)
4-6 fencing shirts
1 full rapier doublet/venetians set (burgundy brocade)
2 doublets (one linen, one wool)
Fix my red wool doublet (change buttons and shorten waist)
Fix my black female doublet (shorten waist)
3-4 fencing shirts for Wallace (if he goes to Pennsic)
1 doublet for Wallace (if he goes to Pennsic)
Fit a new doublet for Marcellus
New venetians for Marcellus (linen)

There, I feel better now.

Does anyone have a decent site for feathers? I don't want ostrich feathers. I need something short and shiny for my Italian cap.
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