belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Stupid Stunts

Dear LJ,

Next time, please remind me to hit the "pause" button on the treadmill before attempting to remove my sweatshirt while walking on it. Falling off the darned thing is no fun.

(Okay, it's funny to the bystanders, but not to the person falling off. In this case Yours Truly.)



No, I didn't get hurt, and I actually had a good laugh at the ridiculeness of it all, but one can get seriously hurt from falling off a treadmill. Oh, the cockiness of 10 years of treading on treadmills!

So yes, boys and girls, leave falling off treadmills to cartoons and Hollywood comedies. If you need to remove a garment because you have become overheated, please push "pause" first, and then remove the silly garment. Doing stupid stunts like this is just not worth it.

And no, treadmills on themselves are not dangerous. They are pretty safe, as long as you stick to walking or jogging on them, as opposed to attempting stupid stunts such as changing a piece of clothing while the machine is on and you're walking on it.

I will have a lovely bruise in the morning where I banged myself as I slid off the durned thing, but nothing hurts, so it's all right.

In other news, my sewing room doesn't look like something exploded in there anymore, and I even managed to find some items that had gotten buried under the 12th Night project debris. I have taken it easy this week, but I will be sewing the decorations to the hem of the Gown of Insanity in the near future.

In the meantime, it's back to the salt mines.

PS. Where is my snow?
Tags: health, random
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