belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Getting There . . .

I have high hopes that I will finish what's left of the Gown of Insanity after all. The decorations to the hem of the overgown are still to be decided, since it would take me several hours of work that I am not sure I will have. But we will see.

The gown now has hemmed sleeves, with the appropriate shoulder rolls (covered like the Valois tapestries), a decorated bodice, and the "Flying Nun Hat" has been completed. The awesome Perronelle had put together the basic pieces of the latter, and I finished putting it together last night. Regrettably, there was no time to complete the "heart shaped" brim, but that's okay. It will be more like a brimless caul, and several ladies in Caron's original drawings and in the Valois tapestries are wearing those, so it's okay.

What do I need to finish? The cuffs, for one thing, and add the billiments to the aforementioned caul. Should we be staying home tonight, that would be a piece of cake. However, since we are driving tonight, this will eat some time as I cannot sew in the car in the dark.

But then, there is sewing at the hotel, so we're good.

Fortunately, the drive to the hotel is not that long. And quite frankly, the place is not that far. However, this getup is such a fuss to get into -- not to mention fixing the hair and makeup -- that I did not want to have to get up at the crack of dawn, drive for a while, and then have to get ready at the site's school bathroom. (Yech!) Ergo, spending the night at the hotel sounded like a jolly good idea, and it would help keep mine and Ballistabob's sanity (what is left of it) more or less intact.

So except for the fact that poor ballistabob miscalculated the size of his cuffs and he may not have them for his outfit, we seem to be in good shape.

But he did get sleeves finished, so it's not so bad. And he looks ravishing in black velvet. Yum!

And now, back to the drawing board. See you folks tomorrow!
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