belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Holy Painted Clowns Batman!

Well, we finally got around to watching "The Dark Night" on DVD over the weekend. I must say that it is a pretty good movie, but I do not see Heath Ledger's Joker as my favorite.

Yeah, I know. I will probably get pelted with tomatoes for this one. How can I say that I was not particularly disturbed by the deceased Heath Ledger's protrayal of the Psychotic One? I should probably get my head checked. But then, you knew that.

I am not saying that Heath's was not a good Joker. I am just saying that I have seen better although his was pretty darn good. But that's just me.

At any rate, here is a little survey just for fun, to see who's your favorite Joker.

Poll #1327008 Holy Painted Faces Batman!

Who is your favorite Joker?

Heath Ledger
Mark Hamill (From the Animated Series)
Cesar Romero
Jack Nicholson
Other (Identify)
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