belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Quick Update on the Ongoing Madness

So last night I missed Alle Psallite in order to make progress on the Gown of Insanity. So far, I hemmed the overgown and set the sleeves, which pretty much ate my evening. Tonight, I will mark, press and tack the skirt lining, hem the sleeves, and hopefully tack and cover the shoulder rolls. Here's to hope.

Meantime, I did manage to get myself out of bed this morning despite the dreary weather, and go to the gym. I managed 30 minutes of C style intervals, which are much more challenging than what I was doing. I am shooting for 40 as per C's instructions, but I'll be getting there soon enough. Heck, last time I did 25.7. Slowly but surely, I am working towards it.

And now, back to the drawing board. I have another paper to finish and it's screaming my name.
Tags: costuming, fitness

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