belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Stitchery and Randomosity on New Year's Day

New Year's eve was spent in the company of friends, and much fun was had by all. I have to say that, generally speaking, 2008 was very kind to me. I would say, even generous.

Here's to wishing everyone the best for 2009.

Today, it was back to the gym, and start training again full steam. Actually, I started yesterday, whereas our new personal trainer gave me a run for my money. However, last Monday, when we had our first evaluation, she told me that I was already training like trainers do. But we want to take my training the next step up, and that's where she comes in. And she's awesome. I am enjoying this enormously, and I am looking forward to the rest of the training sessions.

Last but not least, the Valois gown for 12th Night is eating my life. I have finished the petticoat, thanks to diagram No. 60 of Juan de Alcega. The darned thing fits like a dream over my farthingale. The fact that I made it out of this dream linen twill that I found at G Street Fabrics helps. It has body like nobody's business and adds structure to the whole foundation. I have already added a small guard to it so it's now done.

The silk taffeta forepart with the vintage trim I picked up in Florence is also ready now. I have added some spangles for shine. All I need now is tack it to the petticoat. It's been loosely stitched to the waistband, but I won't make any final decisions on how high until I do another dress rehersal, this time with all the parts pointed as it was meant to.

Next, cut and put the bodice together.

In the meantime, here is a small teaser in the form of a detail of the forepart. (There are still some pins showing, but you'll get the idea.)


Tags: costuming, new year

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