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Merry Christmas Everyone!

First of all, merry Christmas everyone!

And happy Hannukah, merry Kwanzaa, happy Solstice, and merry holidays -- whichever you happen to be celebrating this season!

And to the atheists, have a nice day! :-)

Last week I went to my hairdresser for coloring and haircut. He's been doing my hair since 1991, so at this point chatting and getting updates on each other's family is part of the ritual of beauty and relaxation.

"So," says my hairdresser as he is snips at my recently colored hair. "What is Santa bringing you this Christmas?"

"My son," I reply. "And it's the bestest present ever."

He laughs. He is also a parent, with a daughter that is just coming into adolescence.

"That's a great present," he replies.

"Yeah," I say. "Adolescence is an illness that affects the entire family, until it goes away."

"Yeah," he says. "I am just starting. But that makes me think that there is hope."

And hope there is. My Dark Child and his lovely lady came over last night for Christmas Eve dinner, and we had a wonderful time. My Golden Child (El Brato), was there too, as were our Borrowed Child (El Brato's friend, who lives with us), and his girlfriend as well. And of course, there was my beloved ballistabob who has been my rock of support during all this time and tribulations. (I am such a lucky woman!)

Empty nest syndrome? What empty nest syndrome? It seems that our little family is growing instead, and I could not be happier for it.

I still remember that not long ago my daily prayer went like this: "Hey God. Are you there? This is Bel. Can I have my children back please?".

And God listened. And he brought them back -- in spades. I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of these kids. Especially the Dark One. He's matured so much! Kid went to hell and back, but he's grown into a fine, responsible young man.

Our family may be small. And it may be broken. But it's still good.

And it is still growing . . .

Who can ask for anything more?

In other news, I have been making progress on my 12th Night gown. Today, I did an "Underwear Dress Rehersal" and experimented with the pinning of the partlet and ruff. And the thing works and the ruff stands up by tension alone! Below, it is a picture of me in my underwear. (Ohhhh, risque! Period underwear!).

Bear in mind that the corset has not been bound yet, so the edges are still raw. But it is functional and that's what counts. Alina's farthingale has been altered, and all I had to do was to make a smaller waistband and add a discreet tuck to shorten the length of the skirt. I opted for the tuck, as undoing a tuck is easier than adding fabric if you cut the length on the waist too much and they you decide that you want it longer after all. And you can't even see the tuck.

Next step, the underskirt and the forepart. Stay tuned.

Last but not least, good bye Eartha Kitt. You were the greatest Catwoman of all, and no one, not Madonna, not Jessica Simpson, not even Taylor Swift, will ever come up with a version of "Santa Baby" like yours.

You were The One, the Only, the Most Magnificent, and no messing.

You shall be missed, but you will always live in my ringtone, where "Santa Baby" disturbs every meeting and every gathering where my phone happens to ring.

And that's it for now. Leftovers are calling my name, and they don't like to wait.

Merry Christmas to y'all!
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