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Florence Pics -- Part 1

Okay people. The good news is, I took a buckload of pictures in Florence.

The bad news is, I took a buckload of pictures in Florence. This means that it has taken me forever to organize them, edit them, clean them up, and get them ready for sharing with the world.

Currently, I have uploaded the first batch to my Smugmug online album. I have organized the albums by topic. It is easier to look at a smaller album with pictures of the same style, than at a huge photostream with a hodgepodge of images that do not relate to each other.

My albums are currently organized by:

1. Ceilings and Walls: I have an obsession for this, and it includes murals.
2. Costuming and Textiles: Images of pre-16th Century extant pieces and reproductions.
3. Costuming 2: Post-16th Century extant pieces, including the all time-favorite pimptastic pink furry suit!
4. Museums: Pictures of Museum interiors that are not included in the other albums. Lots of Stibbert Museum pieces.
5. Street Scenes and Architecture.
6. International Grafitti. Yeah, some grafitti is a form of art. I have started an album on that.

Currently, I have uploaded Ceilings and Walls. It was the smallest album. The rest are residing in my computer, and will be making their way to the Itarwebz soon.

In the meantime, enjoy. As for me, I think that I need to get up and stretch my legs.

I think I have earned a cup of coffee.

EDIT: PS. These pics are better appreciated through the slideshow.
Tags: photography, travel
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