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On Fencing and French Gowns

Went to practice last night. It was a lot of fun. One of the things that I have been helping me enjoy the game again is that I am actually planning my workouts and food intake for practice nights.

You see, we used to have our kickass strenght training on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. By the time I made it to fencing practice, after a challenging workout in the morning and a full day of work, I was totally wiped out. In fact, I must admit that I got to the point of almost dreading practice just because I was so bloody tired by the time I made it there and my fighting suffered as a consequence. Then, we decided to switch the strenght training to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and take it from there.

It is working like a charm.

You see, fencing days, I only do a light aerobic in the morning, if anything. I also make sure that I have a good lunch and afternoon snack. And coffee. Gotta have the good, rich Juan Valdez afternoon coffee. Man, you can cut that thing with a knife, and it helps me feel full if nothing else.

As a result, I have been showing up at fencing practice full of energy and picking up fights like nobody's business. Of course, there is still the asthma problem, but at least my sugar levels are not hitting the ground and that makes a huge difference.

I like this plan . . .

On the costuming front, I think that I will dedicate this weekend to the cutting of fencing shirts and shopping for fabric for fencing doublets. My old armor is simply falling apart or has seen better days.

As for the French Gown, I am very happy that I did not go ahead with the skirt for KASF. I have been doing more digging and experimenting, and I think that I definitely need a corded petticoat. I am looking at options -- Alcega is a must, of course -- and trying to figure out whether to use a period material for the cording or simply go with something like wire cording like Jen Thompson used for hers. On one hand, once you put all the pieces together, the Jen Thompson farthingale looks very much like the Ninya Mikhaila period-made farthingale. Less trouble too.

On the other hand, I would know that I used a non-period material for it, and I am so anal-retentive that it will drive me nuts.

Then again, I have used non-period materials in the way of polyester thread because it was the right color and part of the stitching was machine-made. (So okay, the latter makes me feel guilty. There, I said it.)

But I will still know that I am wearing non-period cording . . .

Perhaps I should wait until the "Tudor Tailor" comes out after all . . .

But I can't wait to put my hands on that pattern now


Ohhhh, shoot me now . . .

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