belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

It's Monday!

To start the morning, a few welcomes:

First, welcome allasondrea to Live Journal!

(Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.)

(Plus, we have cookies.)

And last but not least, welcome new readers and enjoy the ride!

Yesterday, I posted some of my ramblings on Holiday Faire. Today, I add some more.

(Will this woman ever stop?)

(Not likely.)

Anyway, the awesome rheabecc took a picture that shows both the red muppet hat thrum cap, as well as the "Belphoebe Survival Kit" that the fabulous caemfind put together for me. If you notice what I am holding, it is the most awesome piece of Laurel regalia.

Can you guess what it is?

Yup, that's a lovely green thong with a Laurel wreath on it.

Never leave home without it.

Thank you Caemfind!

She also made something very special for Marcellus (not a thong, mind you), but I am not allowed to give it to him until Thanksgiving. (Sorry honey!) I will be posting a picture of that one as soon as he opens it.

Ohhhh, it is good to be evil!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and did I mention that carthew is the greatest "Notary" ever? She did that for Geoff and me, on the apprenticing ceremony, and she was awesome.

Thank you Anne!

In other news, I now have a starched and set nifty ruff for the infamous 12th Night gown. Yay me!

I also discovered this morning that I had put on a couple of pounds during the week. (Man, that bread at Logan's was good! And the duck at Thursday lunch was to die for!) Being as it is that this is Thanksgiving weekend, I'd better be careful from here till Wednesday, and get back on the program on Friday.


Even fit girls get the blues . . .

But it was good food.

Oh, well.

Last but not least, I amused myself by watching the AMA awards last night. Holy mackerel! Will Kanye West ever shut up? Somebody had the great idea of giving him an award, and then he went on and on. I got so bored that I started flipping channels, on the off chance that the man would finally wrap up in the meantime.

No such luck.

Every time I flipped the channel back, there he was, still yakking away. This kept going on until at last, I flipped back and caught him saying something like "I want to be Elvis." And then he left the stage.

I don't know what the heck that was all about, but he was incredibly boring.

Remind me not to buy his music.


And now, back to the drawing board. Work calls my name, and I must get back to it.

Tags: events, humor

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