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Sunday Thoughts

What a wonderful Sunday. And it's all mine, mine! Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!


No, seriously. Today is the day that I have declared as the *me* day. I intend to work on my costuming (doing it already), do a little bit of shopping (must get some of the stuff for Thursday), and just pamper myself.

I think I'll do me a pedicure. And a nice cup of tea.


In other news, Holiday Faire was awesome. This has to be one of my favorite events of the year. And what's not to like? It's pretty chill, no pressure, lots of shopping, hanging out with friends, singing and for those with a strong heart for the cold, marshal activities.

Most importantly, geoffreyapclwyd and I signed a contract yesterday, by which he became mi first apprentice. To celebrate, we both wore our red muppet hats thrum caps, which are not only warm but perfectly period. Sailors wore them in the 16th Century, and they are the awesomest of the awesome. To make the day even more perfect, the Geoff won his first A&S competition with his fabulous astrolabe.

Fighting was great, although extremely cold. At one point, my fingers froze and I lost feeling in my middle finger (really! I wasn't trying to be rude!), but it was worth it. I had a chance to pick up bouts with a young man from Isenfir, with Lwyd, and also with dante_di_pietro. In spite of the cold, I felt that I had made a lot of progress with my technique, and walked away happy. Truth be said, sometimes you can tell better how much progress you have made when you get the chance to fight folks that you haven't fought in a while. All in all, a lot of fun.

I also picked up some lacing cords and some knitted pouches by attack_laurel, from thatpotteryguy, and bought a pattern for a plunderhosen from kass_rants. I've been meaning to make one of those for years, and now I will have no excuse other than time. Ohhhh, the joys of a slashed codpiece! Must make me one! Yeah!

Alle Psallite sang and we did fairly well. There were no major snafus, everyone hit their notes appropriately and no one did any "solos." (Since I'm usually the one who jumps early into it, I felt particularly proud of myself. Heh.)

Later on, we ended up at Logan's in Manassas, where much merriment was had. It was great to get together with friends, and get to know new friends better. You all rock.


Okay: Project 12th Night has been revised yet again. I was supposed to use a really nifty shot dupioni for the forepart, but then I got the silk blend I found in Florence. Both green, look great. Then I took out the 3/4 yard of the expensive taffeta that I was going to use for the corset and . . . it matches the fabric for the dress even better than the two previous alternatives.

Plus, what's the point in having some really fabulous shot taffeta if no one is going to see it?

So the taffeta has been promoted to forepart, the green silks have been put back into the drawer, and a gold dupioni that had been dormant in my stash has been promoted to corset.

More to come in the next installment of The 12th Night Gown Blues . . .
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