belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Florence Recap (For Now)

Too tired to elaborate. Highlights:

1. This trip has really been worth my while.
2. Saw one of the Valois Tapestries. Yay!
3. Saw the actual Eleanora de Toledo, Cosimo di Medici and Don Garzia's burial clothes in person.
4. Gelatto rocks.
5. Got kidnapped by the owner of the Casa dei Tissuti, the best fabric store ever. BTW, the owner of the Casa dei Tissute is a very sweet elderly gentleman who describes himself as a "crazy man" and who likes to read poetry to his clients. And did I mention that they have a period loom in site where they weave silk and gold fabric in period patterns? No, I did not purchase any of that, but it was cool to see it.
6. Got some really, really cool antique trim from the place where the Palio people, all the living history people in the museums around here, and the folks from the Venice Carnival get theirs. It rocks.
8. Met some really cool people.
9. Realized that I don't know as much as I thought I did. It has been a very humbling, yet wonderful experience.
10. Did not get yelled out at any other museums.
11. My camera has actually taken some decent shots in very poor light.
12. My feet hurt.
13. Did I mention that gelatto rocks?

Belfebe out.
Tags: costuming, travel

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