belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

The Florence Chronicles -- Part I


As you can see, I made it to Florence safe and sound. And yes, I lugged the laptop all the way up here. (Not that I'll spend inordinate amounts of time with it, but hey, girl gotta check email and post stuff on LJ!)

The flight was uneventful as far as travel goes, which is as much as one can wish for. My moment of zen came mid-flight, in the middle of the Atlantic, between DC and Paris.

So there I was, contentedly watching Indiana Jones 4, after giving up on sleep. All of a sudden, we get interrupted by a message from the captain. He says something in French, to which I pay no attention, assuming that it is something like "Fasten your seatbelts, it's gonna be a bumpy ride." And then half the plane starts cheering.


And then he repeats the announcement, this time in English, and says "This is your Captain. News is, apparently Barack Obama is the new President of the United States."

And the crowd went wild.

As I join the cheering crowd, the passenger next to me, a retired Navy Captain, beams up and starts applauding too. Then he tells me "Well, at least I know now that my vote counted."

It was an unreal moment. Even for someone like me, for whom warming up to Barack Obama took quite a while.

No, I don't think that he's "The One," and I don't buy into any silly Messiah crap. But I think that he will do well. Or so I hope.

And hey, if he manages the country with the same efficiency as he managed his campaign, I think that we may be okay after all.

Here's to hope.

On other news, I did go to the Uffizi Galleries, where I got yelled at for taking pictures. Who knew that they don't allow any photography there? Especially since they don't tell you and there are no signs of "No Photos" anywhere.

At any rate, I profusely apologized, and continue my meanderings, only too happy that I had not been tossed out, which was great.

And now, I need to leave since the conference is about to start.

Thoughts of the day: You can have a meal in Florence, from street vendors, for 6 euros, which includes water, panini sandwich, and gelatto.


Oh, and these people don't sleep. Who would have thunk that you would have live music and a carousel at the Piazza of the Republic on a Tuesday evening?

More later.
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