belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Working out the husband

"So," I tell ballistabob this morning, as we are driving to the gym. "How do you feel about Wednesday's workout?"

"My shoulders are still sore," he replies.

"Good," I say, as I scribble down on my workout journal.

"What do you mean good?" protests my long suffering husband. "I'm in pain!"

"And you love it, don't you?" I say.

"Well . . . yes . . ." he says sheepishly.

"There you are," I reply. "And there's more where that came from."

"Oh, good!"

Soooo . . .

Notebook for scribbling down workouts = $3.00
Gym membership = $45
Torturing your husband = Priceless . . .

I also received a phone call not 5 minutes ago, where my hunny bunny told me that his chiropractor was quite impressed by the state of his shoulder muscles, as opposed to last week. "That was some workout!" told him the chiropractor. "Tell your wife I am duly impressed!"

It is also a relief. He has been having some back problems and I have been very careful in creating his routine, especially since it is the first time that I design a workout specifically for him.

I think I'll leave him homework for when I am in Florence . . .


On other news, I received the trim that I had ordered from an Ebay merchant for my 12th Night outfit. It was a true leap of faith, since the colors that you see in a computer screen are not necessarily what they end up looking like in real life. Luckily, the colors match my fabric to the T. I will be posting pics sometime during the weekend, and will also take pictures of the green and pink pair of bodies.

Stay tuned, and happy Halloween to you all!
Tags: costuming, fitness

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