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Florence Schedule Shaping Up

Me again! And this time sans Paris Hilton.

I am so excited! I have an appointment to the Uffizi Gallery on Wednesday at 3:00 p.m., the Boboli Gardens on Thursday at 1:00 p.m., and the Accademia on Sunday afternoon. The rest of the schedule is all Janet Arnold Colloquium and what it may bring.

What more can a girl want?

The Uffizi was not on the plan of museum visits that appeared in the Conference schedule, and one cannot go to Florence and not visit the Uffizi. Ergo, I shall be there as soon as I get off that plane so help me god.

The other reason for me wanting to visit the Ufizzi is that it is home to the Valois Tapestries. Alas, this morning I checked on it, just to make sure that they were open to the public, and found that they were not. I immediately emailed my trusty hotel, and asked if they could make an appointment in case there were private views to the tapestries. They told me that I was in luck: There is a special exhibit of the most important tapestries at the Boboli Gardens, which include the Valois Tapestries. And they had made a 1 p.m. appointment for me on Thursday.

And of course, I still kept my appointment to the Uffizi, since it is an awesome palace and can't not go there.

That also means that I may miss a portion of the afternoon lectures at the Conference, but it's the Valois Tapestries, dammit, and I cannot be in two places at the same time.

The Tapestries won.

Sunday, I missed the registration to the Conference's extra trip to Pisa. It is full now, and unless a slot becomes available, I won't be able to go. In view of that, I decided to dedicate that afternon to the Accademia, and go see Michealangelo's David. Can't miss spending quality time with a good looking naked guy. Even if he's all made in marble.

Belfebe out.

(For now.)
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