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DWTS or The Cleavage of Doom!

Well, finally, my weekly post on Dancing with the Stars.

By now, I hope that everyone knows the results as they have been posted on Yahoo News and other places, so I am hoping that I won't be spoiling it for those of you who have TiVO'd it and haven't watched it. If this is the case, please stop reading here.

First of all, let me tell you that everyone sucketh mightily this week. This is probably because the Dancemasters only gave 4 days to the competitors to prepare. And why is this may you ask? This is because the premiere extravaganza lasted an excruciating three days, during which fans of the show were forced to watch Cloris Lechman's shove her ample bossom in front of a very flustered Len, wear a slit skirt and prop her leg on Brunos's desk (he kissed it, the leg not the desk), and sit on Carry Ann's lap.

(Cloris is a very dirty girl.)

(And she's having too much fun.)

As for the number of couples, there were 13 of them as opposed to 12. It may not seem like much, but it did make the show unbearably long. It also goes to show that more is not necessarily better, and that size does matter. In this case, not in a good way.

But I digress.

It has been hard for me to figure out, based on the latest performances, who is really good and who's just coasting. Regardless, I must say that I was sorry to see Kim Kardashian go. Although she's as expressive as a frozen Barbie doll, and although Joan Rivers can muster more emotion than her, the girl is beautiful and I would have liked to see more of her dancing.

But hey, at least they didn't boot out Rocco, so all is well in Belfebeland. The guy is hot and adorable. And what's not to like about a nice, good looking man who can cook?

Not a lot, IMHO.

Now, if there was any justice in this world, Cloris Lechman would have been eliminated. However, I have the feeling that the old girl is going to outlive most of the young guns just based on her wit, her sene of humor and by the power of her ancient infamous ample bossom. (Just ask Len.)

You go girl!

As for me, at this point I am rooting for Macks and Misty May. He's hot, and she's athletic. Gotta love them. I also like Brooke and Derek. They are adorable together, and she's also a fitness queen.

And of course, I have a soft spot for Rocco. Sweet men that can cook are a weakness of mine. Just ask my resident one. The one and only ballistabob. There is a reason I married him.

Last but not least, and for your viewing pleasure, here's a new poll:

Poll #1270617 Cloris Lechman

How long do you think Cloris will last?

She'll be booted out next week
2-4 weeks
4-6 weeks
It's all the way to the finals baby!

Have fun!
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