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Christmas Caroling

Christmas Carols

Christmas Caroling at Missy Anne's last night was a blast. And for the record, no one can do "The Grinch" like Iustinos. What a beautiful bass voice!

The fact that Master T lifted the ban on "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" was a plus, although Missy Anne insisted that if he was the culprit for lifting the ban, he should come downstairs and listen to it.

Much fun was had by all, many carols were sung, and a lot of goodies were consumed.

Nothing like good Christmas spirit with a bunch of good friends.


Tonight I cartridge-pleat Cat's skirt and, hopefully, get to fit the inner shell of her doublet. 12th Night is approaching at dizzying speed and we will need to pick-up the pace accordingly.

And speaking of sewing, I went to G-Street last Saturday (forgot to mention it in my previous posting), and I am happy to report that I only purchased what I needed. Resisting temptation to pick up fabric I don't need just because it's there is not an easy feat, but I did pull it off. Yay me!

What I did get was three yards of some very nice brocade that matches the one that Marcellus picked up a while ago for his Florentine tabard. At the time, he had purchased an extra yard for me because I had thought that it would make a very nice forepart for my 16th C French. (Thanks sweetie!)

However, on second thought I decided that it would make more sense to make sleeves out of it for my black gamurra, and purchase a couple of yards more for a giornea. This way I will finally have a gown that matches his outfit! (About time too!)

So yes, I was a good girl this weekend.

I wonder if Santa has noticed that.

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