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Thought of the day: So Treasury Secretary Paulson says that if the Bailout Package(TM) is not approved, we are in the risk of a recession.

Well, it is such a relief to hear that we are not yet in one . . .

So, if we can spend 700 billion to bail out Wall Street, why can't we save Social Security?

Just sayin'.

And on this note, this one is priceless.

It reminds me the time I went to Ecuador, and visited the museum at the Half of the World. In there, I found a dart on display, and a description that read: "The evil witches kill use their craft by killing their enemies with poisoned darts."

Dude. Forget about the witchcraft. You get one of those suckers stuck in your jugular or in your chest, and you are toast. And that's even withouth the poison, let alone the silly witchcraft.

Then again, maybe if the witch doctor puts a spell on you, the poisoned darts will go elsewhere. Like your neighbor. Or your pesky ex-husband. Or that tree frog that was looking at you funny.


Me? I stay away from darts. Even the lawn kind. I get in enough trouble trying to wrangle my cat. And that sucker has more than nine lives and has never consulted a witch doctor.

That I know of.

And with that in mind, I am going home.

Tags: humor, politics

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