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Well, it seems that I will be travelling abroad on October, November and December.

Man, I need a break and I haven't even started.

October will find me on my way to the lovely Antigua and Barbuda for a meeting. But before you say "Wow! How cool! You will end up at the beach with a fruity beverage with an umbrella in it!" let me tell you that this is one of those cases in which I have discovered the old adage of "You cannot get to there from here."

After several searches on Expedia, Orbitz, et al., I have realized that I will have to make a bunch of plane and airport transfers in order to get there, and that layovers range from 14 to 21 hours. In fact, the last trip that I remember that was programmed to last more than 20 hours was from DC to Mar del Plata, Argentina, and that's basically on the far south point of the Hemisphere as opposed to a nearby island off the Gulf of Mexico.

Go figure.

Said trip to Mar del Plata (also for a Conference), provided me with one of my most entertaining memories: So there we were, a gaggle of about a dozen tired, frazzled, and completely zombified people, totally out of it after more than 20 hours of flight and layovers, still waiting at the Buenos Aires airport for a tiny little plane that would eventually take us to our final destination. And we all knew at that point that this would be adding another 3 or four hours to our trip.

That's when one of our interpreters says: "You know? We lead such glamorous and interesting lives . . ."

At that point we all lost it and nearly died laughing.

Oh, well.

At least I know that the island is beautiful and the opportunities for good photography may abound. Provided that is, that I can finish my work before sunset, like Cinderella. Otherwise, no pictures for me. Which would suck. We will have to see.

Oh, and as for the fruity drink, I have pretty much given up alcohol, and I won't get caught dead in a bathing suit. At least not in a business trip. It is really sad.

But here's to bringing my camera and hoping to at least get some good shots.

Hope springs eternal.
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