belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Pictures from Dante's Prize

Hey guys,

Here are the picturesfrom Dante's Prize.

This time, I used the Fuji as opposed to my Canon. The effect is different than what I get with the latter. I think I won some effects such as movement and the glint of steel in the sun. I don't like the fact that the movement sometimes appears blurred. If you look at the surroundings, everything else is crisp. This is the effect of a slower speed shutter.

Slower speed is which is great for taking night shots, museum shots, and that nifty effect of vehicles in movement that makes them look like a streak in front of a static building. As for action shots, I like the effect of flying scarves and cloaks, but I am not sure if I prefer the faster speed of my Canon which freezes them in place.

At any rate, you will judge for yourself.
Tags: events, photography
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