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Parking at Chalice/Coronation (Please cross-post)

Good gentles, please lend an ear to this important announcement!

The autocrat and your fellow citizens of Atlantia are working
diligently to accommodate the swell of populace attending our local
event. To alleviate possible issues and frustration, we ask that you
please consider the following when when making travel plans.

The parking at Prince William Forest Park is limited. If possible,
**Please carpool** to this event. The fewer vehicles on site, the
better. (Not to mention the savings in gas money!) If you are
staying at a nearby hotel, please consider carpooling from the hotel.

After stopping at troll, you will be directed to Camp 4 for parking.
Please be considerate in the amount of space you take up when
parking. Use the same amount you would in a normal lot if possible
to help us fit more vehicles into the space we have. When Camp 4
becomes full, we will be using parking along the edges of the site
and then provide directions to a nearby shopping area. Event staff
will be running a shuttle service between the shopping area and the
site. Please arrive to the site early for the best parking options!

Parking will *not* be allowed on the road into the camps. This is so
that emergency vehicles can access the site if necessary.
Handicapped parking will be available in Camp 1 for those who require
it and make themselves known to the staff. Parking staff will be
available to assist you should you have other needs or concerns.

We look forward to seeing you at the event this weekend. Thank you
for your time and cooperation.

Chalice Event Staff
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