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Chalice/Coronation Martial Activities -- Update


As promised, after consultation with Their Highnesses, I have the current information on the martial activities format for Chalice/Coronation.

As per TRH request, the format for the armored combat will be the bear pits that had been planned for Coronation. It means that two simultaneous bear pits will be taking place: a regular one, and one with round shield and ax. This will work wonderfully since the format for the fighting at Chalice has traditionally been a bear pit, only that this year the style of the bear pit has been determined by TRH.

The combined points of those two bear pits will be used for the Chalice challenge as well. As you all probably know by now, the winner will have the right to challenge last year's Chalice Champion for this year's title. The current Chalice Armored Champion is Earl Robert de Rath. For questions on the armored tourney, please contact the Armored Marshal in Charge, Sir Thomas of Calais at

The Chalice rapier tournament will also be a bear pit. There will be four successive bear pits -- the first one with single rapier, the second with defensive parry and rapier, the third with dagger and rapier, and the fourth one with case of rapiers. The combined score will determine the winner of the tourney, who will earn the right to challenge last year's Chalice Rapier Champion for this year's title. The current Chalice Rapier Champion is Lord Connor Levinstoune. For questions regarding the rapier tourney, please contact the Marshal in Charge, Baron Marcellus Capoziello da Napoli at

I would like to avail myself of the opportunity to thank Their Royal Highnesses for their flexibility, grace and understanding. We will do our best to make Their Coronation day a wonderful one.

Yours in Service,

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