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The Dread Pirate Ward

All right boys and girls. Remember that little survey that we did a while ago regarding a new domain name for my website? Well I went ahead and purchased . . .

*Drumroll*, and

Yeah, call me undecided. At this point, at least I have them both, for cheap, and I can decide later what exactly I am going to do.

But at least they are purchased, and now I can go ahead and change the URL as soon as I have time. (This will take a while.)

On other news, last night we had choir practice at Alle Psallite, and we started a new song called "Ward the Pirate." It is by R. Vaughn Williams and it has provided us with endless fun. It is interesting how analyzing the elements of a song, including but not limited to, a seventeenth century song like this one, gives you an entirely new perspective on historical psychology.

First of all, what kind of a name is Ward the Pirate? Really people, the sound of the name "Dread Pirate Ward" does not really strike fear into the hearts of the enemy. Leave it to Beaver comes to mind, but not exactly blood and guts and gunpowder.

Then there is the fact that according to the song the loot that Ward the pirate stole was . . . velvet and silk.

Hooookaaayyy. Note to self, do not get between this fashionable man and his velvet. The general consensus was that the velvet must have been pink.

So now we have agreed that Ward has a wussy name and likes to dress in pink.

But wait! There is more! The ship that Ward attacked, the one that was carrying the silk and velvet was named . . . The Royal Rainbow!

At this point we are having entirely too much fun with the tale of Ward and his fearless crew of pink pirates. Then we moved along till we got to the following lyrics, the ones in which Ward tells his crew "Fight on, this sport well pleases me, for if you fight this month or more, your master I will be."

Apparently the Dread Pirate Ward was not only into pink silk, but also into pink leather.

At any rate, it's a great song, the pirates won, they took the silk, sank the "Rainbow" and lived happily ever after, looking fabulous in pink.

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