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Chalice of the Sun God V -- Team Rules


If you are putting together a team for Chalice of the Sun God V, please read carefully as there are corrections and clarifications for the team competition:

First, the CORRECTION: In past days, I sent a note explaining that credit would be given to youth combatants, identical to adult combatants for Team Competition calculations. I also said that you could not have an adult and a youth team mate in the same combat discipline. *However,* after consulting with my youth rapier and combat marshals, and after being reminded that there are several age categories in each of these disciplines, I realized that this would not be practical since the scoring under those circumstances would be a nightmare and it would give the staff a migraine.

So the rules for featuring youth armored and rapier fighters in the team challenge will be the same as last year, as follows:

* Teams will be required, as usual, to have competitors on at least 4 of the 5 disciplines of archery, heavy, rapier, A&S and bardic.

* You CAN add a youth armored or rapier fighter to your team, even if you already have an adult armored or rapier fighter as part of the required discipline in your team. This may result in more than 5 team mates. It's okay. As long as you have your required ones, you can add the youths.

* Credit for youth fighters will NOT be identical to the regular fighters. HOWEVER, you still get a bonus point for your team if you feature a youth combatant.

* If your team features a youth rapier AND a youth armored fighter, your team gets a bonus point for each.

So how does the scoring work for the team competition? This is a question that has been asked in the past, and which we will answer here, along with examples.


The competitors in each discipline (except for youth) who place in the highest 5 places get points awarded in the following manner:

1st place, 10 points;
2nd place, 8 points;
3rd place, 6 points;
4th place, 4 points;
5th place, 2 points.
6th place and lower, 0 points.

Youth fighters get one bonus point for their teams, regardless of how they placed.

So let’s say that your team “The Mighty Ducklings,” managed to garner several points as follows.

1. Your armored fighter, Sir Louganis of the Bodacious Pants placed third in heavy. Your team gets 6 points.
2. Your performer, Lady Bonita Perez Gonzalez Ortega Martinez y de la Rosa placed second in Bardic. Your team got 8 points.
3. Your artisan, Lord Mundungus the Slightly Confused placed fifth in A&S. Your team got 2 points.
4. Your archer, Lady Fredegunda von Spritzer missed the mark and placed ninth. Your team got no points.

Total score for The Mighty Ducklings = 16 points.

*However* The Mighty Ducklings also had a youth rapier AND a youth armored combatant. Now they have two extra points because of those youths (one each). Their total score? 18 points. These two points may put the team at an advantage, especially if there is a tie.

And no, you cannot have more than one youth rapier and one youth armored in your team. Be fair!

So I do hope that this little explanation clarifies the rules for everyone. And remember. These are the rules specifically for Team Competition. The winning team will become the New Chalice Champion, and will defend its title next year.

And of course, the Horde is the current defending Team Champion, and they have said that they will come and eat your lunch.

So who’s going to challenge the Horde? Do you have what it takes? Are you ready to rumble?

Don’t miss the next chapter of “As the Chalice Turns!”

Yours in Service,

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