belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Some thoughts.

I could start my morning by saying that I still have not heard back from the appliance repair service and their quote.

I could continue by saying that we have found another washer at a decent price, and that we may be going out tonight and ordering it.

I could finish by announcing that at this point my Pennsic laundry has been growing legs and is currently threatening to run away with the circus.

But I shall not bother you with such trivialities. Instead, I will tell you that I wore my Roman outfits several times during Pennsic, and that I enjoyed them very much. Not only they are flattering, cool, and comfortable, but you can also mix and match the pieces like there is no tomorrow.

Moreover, I also made the startling discovery that the mamillare or "boob wrap," is incredibly easy to wrap, comfortable to wear, and it can double as a turban on 15th Century garb.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Roman underwear can be multi-purpose, and I cannot think of very many instances in which a woman can wear her bra on her head and get complimented for it.

And with this, I shall leave you to ponder about the mysteries of life, the universe, and the multiple uses of period underwear.

Belfebe out.
Tags: home, humor, pennsic
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