belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Tuesday Randomosity

So we come back from Pennsic to find that our washer went kablooie.

Yup, we have loads and loads of laundry to do, and the darned washer decides to croak.

The silly thing is a Kenmore HE2t 3.7 cu. ft. Front Load Washer, which ballistabob purchased when our old one kicked the bucket two years ago, as I was in Mexico dealing with parental fu.

Yes, you heard right. Two years, and now I am being told that the entire drum/tub, needs to be replaced. How much will it cost? The technician was at our place yesterday and we still don't have a quote.

No, it was not a Sears technician, I would rather go do laundry at the river and beat it with a rock rather than wait for weeks for those yo-yos to show up. It was a different service and, to their credit, they showed up the same day. However, so far no quote.

At this point, and since this is a major repair, I am seriously torn between throwing good money to bad, or simply go out and buy another washer. Not a Kenmore, thank you very much. Hopefully something that will last more than two years. The other problem is that this one is a front load washer, and that we had purchased the matching riser. If we get a different washer, the riser will not work, and there is nothing wrong with the riser. And the darned things are not cheap either.

Sigh, live and learn. I have been doing some research online, and it seems that these Kenmore models are notorious for breaking down. And if the repair is going to cost us close to what we paid for the machine, what's the point?

Sometimes, you simply have to cut your losses. But I hate to spend money that we had not planned on spending.


On a happier note, I now have a farthingale. Yes, boys and girls, the fabulous alina_s and Yours Truly made a trade at Pennsic. I get her hand-stitched farthingale, which I adore, and in return I make her an embroidered coif. How about that? This comes as wonderful news, as this farthingale is the right shape and width that I need for my 12th Night gown. And since it is one less piece for me to sew, this makes me a very happy Belfebe. (And if also makes for a very happy Alina!)

Oh, how I adore trades!

Last but not least, this Pennsic was brought to you by the songs, "My Baloney has a Last Name," and "Springtime for Hitler" (from the musical "The Producers"). Nothing like having an entire camp breaking into song and dance at the least provocation.

And that's it for now. There is a project at work calling my name and I must not linger.

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