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More Pennsic Adventures (and I am not even there!)

Alas, Pennsic Kitchen No. 3. We hardly knew ya . . .

Yes, boys and girls. Last night we got a phone call from our resident Pyrate, informing us that during yesterday's flash storm our kitchen tent died. Apparently it gathered water, and the frame collapsed. That would not have been a major issue, except that the frame actually bent beyond repair.


a) pirategirleee did not end up crushed under the tent like the Wicked Witch of the West, on account of being at Ravenstreet at the time of the flash-storm;

b) Nothing was damaged inside the kitchen; and

c) alricthemad was able to cobble a couple of 2x4 together and improvise a makeshift center pole for the structure, which is still hanging on until akgnome and Chris arrive (hopefully) tomorrow with the new tent. Alric is officially our hero.

Anywhoo, this will be Kitchen Tent Number 4, and for your amusement, I present you with:

"A Brief History of the Fallen From Grace Kitchen Tents"

Kitchen Tent No. 1: An old, small, screened throwaway tent that someone donated to the camp. It survived Pennsic 29 and 30. It died of old age and was given a proper funeral at the Pennsic garbage dump.

Kitchen Tent No. 2: An upgrade that we got for Pennsic 31. We were very proud of her, and her twin brother, the common area tent. We got them on sale at Wal-Mart, and served us well for Pennsics 31, 32, 33 and 34. For the price we paid for them, they did pretty damned well. When the tent started springing leaks, we patched it. Repeatedly. In the end, we realized that the only thing holding it together was grace of God (and lots of duct tape). We gave it a proper burial at Pennsic, and decided that if we didn't throw it away, it would come back to haunt us as a zombie for years to come.

Kitchen Tent No. 3: Imagine our surprise the following year when, at Land Grab, we discovered that we had no kitchen tent. This on account of having forgotten that the old one was dead and gone and not buying a new one like we had planned. On top of that, our neighbors in the block had just acquired this kickass gynormous screened tent for a kitchen that made us die of envy. Luckily for us, we found one just like that at Sears. On sale. We picked it up and thought that it would last at least as long at Kitchen Tent No. 2. Evidently, we were mistaken as it croaked after only two years of use (Pennsic 35 and 36).

Kitchen Tent No. 4: This time we are getting a portable garage (Plastic Fantastic). That is, if there are any left at Sam's Club, when akgnome and Chris go to pick it up. Otherwise, we will have to settle for a smaller one and make new plans for next year.

So let's keep those fingers crossed and hope that we get our portable garage.

I really, really, don't want to start looking for Kitchen Tent No. 5.
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