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Pennsic Panic Update

Well, the good news is that my first tunica interior came out really nice, and I will be finishing a second one this weekend.

The bad news is that I just realized that I only had 3 yards of the lightweight blue linen for the banded stola instead of 4. Oh, well. I have just put an order to, and hopefully someting will arrive next week. If not, I will have to bite the bullet and spend a bit more on G Street fabric prices, which I am not looking forward to.

The good news is, I have tons of the rust colored lightweight soft linen that I purchased once upon a time from Carolina Calicoes. I call that a palla. I would probably have enough for the banded stola, but it is a little bit heavier than 3.5 oz, and after Storvik I am trying to keep my stuff as lightweight as possible.

Of course, with my luck, we will end up having a freeze-your-buns at night weather and I will have not enough warm garments, but you do what you can. I may yet make my Romani (not to be confused with Roman) shift so I can wear it with a blanket. Looks terrific and it's very versatile.

Besides, I have got my uber-warm heavy wool cloak for such an eventuality, so there.

On other news, I did go to G Street yesterday to get some notions. I was proud of not buying any fabric, although I found something I was looking for but at outrageous prices.

First of all, there is the Marcellus 12 Night Project, which would involve silk satin if available. They had it. In fact, they had it in the color I wanted.

It was gorgeous.

It was also $70 per yard.

It was a no go.

I think at this point I will order undyed silk satin from Silk Connection, and have Vitha dye it the color we want (or as close as that color as possible). Vitha, bless her heart, has agreed to do the dyeing. The good news is, I got a swatch from the G Street satin, so at least now we have a visual example of what we want to achieve. Yay!

I also found the most beautiful shot taffeta. Bad news is, it was $50 a yard. That is also a no go. However, I may go back and get 3/4 yard of it for the outside fabric for my pair of bodies. That should be okay. For now, I will make my 12th Night gown our of the awesome dupioni I have, wear it with the taffeta bodies, and one day, when either:

a) I can afford it (or at least not feel guilty about spending that kind of money);

b) They have it on sale (it's better be a really good sale!); or

c) I find a less expensive source for silk taffeta,

I shall make an entire gown out of it.

In the meantime, my taffeta pair of bodies is not a bad compromise.

And now, back to Pennsic sewing.

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