belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Thursday Toughts

A quick post before running off to another meeting.

Project Runway: Can someone please put Blayne out of his misery? I think the should have been auf'd last night, but that he was kept because he is the obnoxious guy that everyone loves to hate. If he says Girlicious! one more time, I will shoot the tv set.

Pennsic: Gah! So close now? Anywhoo. I dug out my linen stash, and found some really good fabric for my Roman. I also spent some quality time on the phone with siobhan_sca, who was extremely helpful on ironing out the details. The girl is amazing, and it's wonderful to talk to someone who really knows her stuff.

Other projects: I finally finished the sketch for my 12th Night gown, which will be the Ultimate French Gown™. That is, until I come up with the next Ultimate French Gown . . .

Rapier: No practice for me tonight. Pennsic Panic™ is in full sail. Sigh.

Thought of the day: So a co-worker tells me "You going outside? You are brave! I would not dare walking out there!"

For those unfamiliar with the setup of our buildings, it's a ten minute walk.

Dude, I camp in this weather. With several layers of fabric on, and sometimes several pounds of armor.

I'm telling ya. They don't make them like they used to.

And now, back to work.

C ya!
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