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More Pictures!

First of all, here are my pictures from Storvik Novice Tourney.

So what happened at Storvik Novice Tourney (SNT) you may ask? Loads of things is the answer. First of all, Geoffrey and Caemfind were put on vigil for their Laurels. I am really thrilled that the both of them were elevated. They are wonderful people and awesome artisans.

Next, teaching them the secret handshake.

Also, rheabecc and Edward got their Pearls, and Ruadhri's wife came over to bring Ana's medallion on Ruadhri's behalf. It was mounted on an awesome Tudor style carcanet, and I was tempted to snag it and run away with it while cackling maniacally. On the other hand, Edward got a really nifty Pearl themed platter from Eadric, and at this point I am afraid that I may end up stealing it too. Guys, beware!

The one bad part about the event was the horrible heat. I almost had heat stroke when we were taking everything down. (Thanks Perronelle for whipping out that fantastic electric fan!)

On other news, I have Photoshopped myself out of all of the event pictures due to my having a wardrobe malfunction.

Yes, boys and girls, the downside of losing weight is that your petticoat bodices will not support you, and that your chemise will start slipping down the wrong way due to the heat, perspiration and lack of support. Bonus points if you are perspiring profusely. As you know, linen tends to expand with body heat and humidity. Thankfully, I didn't show anything more indecent than my tattoo, but my whole getup ended up looking wilted and rather undignified in the end (although my coif still looked fabulous).

I am in a current state of panic regarding Pennsic. Although I do have a bunch of "camp" garb, I don't think that I have anything that remotely fits me well, that will not wilt and cause a malfunction similar yesterday's, and that does not want to kill me.

My options are: a) try to take the petticoats in before Pennsic; b) make something new; c) go 16th Century Romani (just to keep in the timeline); d) go Roman (but I am afraid I only have one pair of fibulae, so that's gonna be a problem).

Oh, well. In the words of Donna Summer Gloria Gaynor, I will survive.

In the meantime, I'd better get down to working some more on Margot the Doll. At least I know that her garb will not be falling off her any time soon.

(Unless of course, she gets an offer to feature in the next "Team America" movie, but that's a matter for a different post.)
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