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4th of July and the End of the World

4th of July was great, and the company was even better. We ate too much and laughed even more. The weather was barbecue friendly, and we had a wonderful time.

It's good to have good friends.

On other topics, someone had asked me once what was my fondest memory as Baroness of Ponte Alto. I have mentioned that it was last year's Pennsic, when we held our last Court, which is when the heavens opened up to torrential downpours and high winds, and yet everyone showed up to Court and we had the most fun anyone can legally have. In fact, we dubbed ourselves "The Ponte Alto Pennsic Swim Team."

What I haven't mentioned is what happened before we made it to Court, which merits its own entry.

For those of you who were at Pennsic, you may recall that not only the weather was wet and miserable, but that at one point there was even a tornado watch issued for the area.

As luck would have it, that's when Ponte Alto Baronial Court had been scheduled.

So we are rushing from our encampment at Fallen From Grace, on our way to Ponte Alto Baronial, in the middle of the rain and the muck, trying to look as dignified as possible while being drenched like drowned rats. At that point the winds are blowing, the skies are darkening, the clouds are turning into a nice tidy bowl, when someone yells at pirategirleee, who is trailing behind:

"Milady," says the concerned gentleman. "You must go seek shelter! There is a tornado warning in place!"

"We can't!" replies Pirategirleee, without slowing the pace. "We gotta get to Court!"

"Oh," says the man. "In that case, have fun!"

Which makes me think that there is a good chance that Scadians are at high risk of missing the End of the World™ if Court happens to be scheduled at the same time.

I can already hear the voice of a very annoyed Metatron:

"So where were you people? Can't you get anywhere on time? Armaggedon is over and you were a no show!"

"Sorry Milord!" say a contrite bunch of Scadians. "We had to be at Court."

"Oh," says the Metatron. "It's okay then."

Scientists have said that in the case of a nuclear holocaust, mankind will be wiped out and that only cockroaches will survive.

The Mythbusters, on the other hand, have conducted an experiment testing that theory and, after adding some other bugs to the mix, have pretty much confirmed the myth.

I disagree. My theory is that, that when the End of the World™ comes in, it will be the following that inherit the Earth:

a) Cockroaches and other assorted bugs as described by Mythbusters.

b) Scorpions. In my experience, the only effective method of killing those buggers is a shoe. Unless the Powers that Be decide to schedule a Graham Chapman, Monty Python Giant Shoe of Doom into Armaggedon, we will be seeing those annoying guys crawling all over the place and duking it out with the cockroaches.

c) My mother. Who so far has proven to be indestructible.

d) Scandal, the Million Dollar Cat. See above.

e) Scadians holding, attending, or going to Court.

Mad Max, eat your heart out.

Scadians, my mother, Scandal the Cat, bugs and scorpions in charge of repopulating the world.

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.

Me? I plan to be barbecueing in my backyard. Hopefully watching some fireworks.

Let me know when it's all over.
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