belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Breathe in, breathe out.

I took the day off so I could finish my gown for KASF, and so I could put my package together for the performing competition.

Currently, I am working on the skirt. I have been agonizing over the cut of the sucker, and I have ended up with a modified Alcega pattern. The funniest thing is, Alcega says that after you finish cutting this sucker, you should have to piece the scraps to make the waistband as that's all you are going to have left. In that sense, I think that I have the most period waistband ever as I barely had any scraps left for it and I did have to piece it. (Maybe I should keep the itty bity remnants and include them in my display whenever I showcase this sucker.)

Now I am freaking out with the velvet guards over the silk. I also think that I have figured out how to handle the linen lining without my skirt ending as a deformed Franken-skirt, what with the difference of weight in the fabric. Another plus, I need something like 7 yards of woollen strip for my cartridge pleating. I went through my wool scraps, and I did not have any pieces large enough to accomplish this -- unless of course, I do a lot of piecing.

However, when I was beginning to despair, I remembered that I have a large piece of wool felt that I purchased years ago online. To make a long story short, the fabric was not what I expected it to be, not to mention that the color was a horrible shade of yellow. I have kept the fabric on the premise that I will overdye it one day and do something useful with it. Not anymore. That ghastly yellow wool is perfect for underlining doublets -- which I should have used instead of the cotton felt -- and for woollen strips for cartridge pleating. After all, nobody is going to see the color, but the texture is perfect for what I want.

Yay ugly yellow wool!

Fencing practice tonight? It will depend on whether or not I am finished with the skirt and the documentation for my song. True, I have tomorrow evening, but I want to make as much progress today to avoid as much panic as possible tomorrow.

This is the scariest dress I have ever made.

Me? Panicking? What made you think that? Argh!

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