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Good gravy people! What angry weather we've been induring this season!
Last night it took me 2 hours to make it home, and we still have no power. For the record, my drive home usually takes me no more than 40 minutes, give or take. And I cannot remember when was the last time that power was out for more than 6 hours.

Live and learn.

At any rate, I did not make it to Highland River Melees (bad Belfebe!) on account me dedicating that day to painting my sewing room. No more ugly purple and green. A very pale pink on the walls and very white trim makes for a very cheerful, airy room. Like sugar.

Next stop, the hallway, followed by our bedroom.

I've got a paintbrush and I'm not afraid to use it.

And it only took me three years to get around to it. Imagine that.

By the same token, no Assessments for me. No, this time there are no painbrushes (or rollers) involved. It is a combination of circumstances that make it a no-no and I am not going to push the envelope. For one thing, my Hell Week starts tomorrow, and ends Friday of next week. That means that I'll probably have to work through Saturday. And you know? The ol' day job will win every single time. After all, it is my day job that allows me to pay for my fun. So there.

(And yes, Hell Week has more than seven days. That's why it's called Hell Week.)

To complicate things more, ballistabob is right now on his way to Las Vegas for Infocomm. (Oh, the sacrifices you have to do for your day job!) He will be returning Friday very late. Driving several hours to an event right after that is not necessarily the brightest of ideas . . .

On the bright side, we will be at Stierbach's Birthday, and I will be running rapier. I'll be posting the format soon.

Oh, and we will be at Storvik's Novice Tourney, where the awesome jljonsn and the sweet Caemfind will be elevated to the Order of the Laurel. Yay!

Last but not least, I have decided to redo the entire Household webpage.

You see, the original one was designed by someone who actually knew what he was doing. It featured some very nifty things and the whole nine yards. Regrettably, our friend, who was an awesome Webmaster, was attacked by life and ceased to play. As a result, I, who am clueless, inherited the page. And did I mention that my friend the programmer hated Windows and that the whole thing was written to run on Linux (or maybe Unix, or whatever), using God knows what program? And that I can't understand what this PHP is or if you can eat it with ketchup? And that none of us at the time would know HTML if it bit us on the butt?

But I was brave, purchased a domain, moved the page from its free site, got a copy of FrontPage, pulled several hairs from my head, had a good cry, and tackled the site.

Fast forward. Over the years, my HTML skills have gone from those of the common hamster, to those of the uncommon hamster. Somehow, I've even managed to build my personal site, as well as Marcellus', and several other members of the household. The household page, alas, has been going downhill with all sorts of patches and deletions and has gone from a top-of-the art page, to a veritable Franken-site. The fact that there is a lot of stuff in there that is not even relevant anymore (like the now defunct guest book, the store, etc.), doesn't help.

In the end, I decided to build another one from scratch. Much easier than trying to fix someone else's code, and it will have a new look to boot. In fact, I've already designed the prototype Home section, and it seems that it will work.

Now, if I could only figure out how to create pop-up menus, I would be really happy . . .

Stay tuned.

For Lady-Kaolin

1. What is your fondest memory while you were landed Baroness of Ponte Alto?

I addressed that one when I replied to argentlion. Check it out!

2. What Super Hero do you most identify with? Why?

Wonder Woman. Because she's awesome. Besides, tiara, bracelets, boots, lasso, what's not to like? (Although I must admit that flying in an invisible plane makes you look sort of dorky)

3. Do you have a theme song? What is it about this song that makes you feel good?

Yes, "E is for Evil," the Household anthem. It makes me feel good because it's so evil.

4. What was the first thing you remember about your sweetie from the day you met?

His big, friendly smile as he greeted me "Hi Belfebe!"

5. What advice would you give a newcomer to the SCA?

Never to forget that it's only a game.

For Duchessrachel

1. You've hinted at your rather *colorful* past. What made you decide to settle down?

Well, the funny thing is that my life got "colorful" as a result of me trying to live a normal life. You know, the husband, the white picket fence, the 2.5 kids. However, I make a lousy housewife, got big ambitions, and have the regrettable tendency of walking out when I don't like the accomodations. Life's too short to waste it in miserable relationships.

I settle down finally when I realized that I didn't want to settle down. In other words, when I got on my two feet, got my own life, and lived my life in my own terms, that's when settling down came to me. It makes no sense, but I like it. :-)

2. How have things changed for you since you became a Laurel?

In general, not too much. If anything, people take what I say more seriously, which is funny because there is nothing serious about me. I still get a kick out of that.

3. If you could change one thing about the BOD, what would it be?

If it were possible, I would like to get people to get trained on following procedures and conflict resolution techniques more effectively. The thing with these types of organizations is that they are comprised of volunteers, who have the best of intentions, but not always the necessary skills to handle these sorts of things. It would save a lot of people a lot of grief and the Society a lot of liabilities.

4. Ever thought of crewing a real ship?

But I do! It's called Fallen From Grace!

5. Gonna get any more ink?

Oh, yeah. I have already a couple of designs in mind. Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

And that's all folks!
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