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Yay!, the page is back! Seems that the guys at Readyhosting know what they are doing after all. But just in case, can you click into the page and see if it loads for you? If it doesn't, please drop me a note.

And speaking of pages, I have been thinking about buying a domain for my page. So far, it is a branch of the FFG webpage, and the URL is a little bit long for my taste as a result. I have talked to Readyhosting, and I can buy the domain and simply redirect the current one to the other. The account is the same, but at least my page would have an URL that's unique to the page.

The question is what name. I think that the simplest one would be something like Easy to remember. I won't go with because there is a out there already, and Belphoebe is a name that everyone murders when it comes to spelling it.

I could use, which is the name of the page and it kicks ass, but I'm afraid that people will have a problem remembering the name and misspelling it. Then again, it's a good name.

So what do you guys think? I am having a little survey out here just for fun.

Poll #1202880 Website names

What do you think is a good name for my domain?
Other (drop me a note if you have any other suggestions)
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