belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

This one's for Pinkleader. Yarrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. On a pirate ship, what is your preferred role? Captain, First Mate, Second Mate, Cook, Surgeon, Cabin Boy, etc.

Captain, of course! I get all the cabin boys, whooo hoooo!!!!!!!!

2. What kind of loot would be your favorite to acquire?

All your loot r' belong to us!!! We'll take it all, matey!!!

There is no such thing as a bad loot, unless the loot consists on the crew's smelly underwear. I could pass on that.

3. Which waters would you rule? Caribbean, Pacific, Mediterranean, etc?

All of them. I would be the Supreme Captain of all Pirates and the Ultimate Terror that Flaps in the Sea. I would jump from ship to ship and make everyone drink concoctions out of coconuts with small paper umbrellas, and then make them dance the Macarena. With maracas.

Obey my authoritá!

4. What is your favorite pirate movie?

The first Pirates of the Caribbean. I loved all of them, but it's the only one that makes any sense. (But Johnny Depp is dreamy in all of them.)

5. What is your next piracy project?

Well, since I am planning on taking over the seas, one ocean at a time, my next move will be taking over all of the Caribbean. Preferably at Carnival time. And definitely not during hurricane season, otherwise the band gets wet and we don't want soaked musicians. Especially since we're going to declare the Macarena the National dance. (Mandatory for everyone.)
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