belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Is there a battery in the house?

When I grow up, I want to take pictures like Skorri's. The man is a veritable genius and his action pics are awesome.

And speaking of pictures, I must remember to always carry two cameras, just in case one of them goes kaputzky. That's exactly what happened to my Canon at Sapphire, and it was a great relief that I had brought the little red Kodak as a backup.

You see, cameras (or at least my cameras) have the tendency of running out of batteries at the most inconvenient times. I think that they do it on purpose and that they laugh at me. Really, I can see the Canon and the Kodak high fiving each other and cackling maniacally while I curse at them in several languages.

"But Belphoebe. Don't you always carry spare batteries with you just for these contingencies?" You may ask.

The answer is, yes. In theory I should. However, for some strange reason AA batteries have a tendency to dissapear in my home, no matter how many packages I buy. (I guess it has to do with having a college age son with a penchant for handheld video games living at home.)

And that's exactly what happened on Saturday right before leaving for Sapphire. Of all the packages I had purchased in recent history, not one measly battery could be found.

At this point I am currently considering hiring a psychic to see if the mystery of the endemically missing batteries can be solved. Or at least see if we can talk to the dead batteries through a séance in the comfort of my living room.

That is, provided the kid has not absconded with all the chairs and pillows as well.

(They will probably reappear in his room, right next to his posters of Tupac Shakur and Tila Tequila.)

But I gotta learn how to take pictures like Skorri.

That, and get plenty of fresh batteries.
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