belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Sapphire Joust 2008

Okay. Lemme 'splain.

Nah, it's too long. Let me sum up.

Sapphire, the Good:

1. Marcellus getting his Pearl.
2. Dante getting his Pearl.
3. Miles getting his Golden Dolphin.
4. Geoffrey B., Magdalena (Maimuna), and Caemfind (Keevan) getting their writs for their Laurels.
5. A beautiful Investiture ceremony and taking tons of pictures.
6. Decent weather.
7. Good times with friends, and having dinner at the best Italian food place ever. (A little dive not far from the place we were staying, but it so happens that the owner is from Sicily. No wonder the food was so good!)
8. Wistric's Free Scholar prize.

The Bad:

1. The site being dusty beyond belief, and my asthma acting out for the whole two days. (Am I ever so happy that we didn't camp this year!)
2. Not being able to fight (see above)

The Funky:

1. Ohhhh, I can't post it here, but I have the pictures ... (Also not here to protect the not-so-innocent)

In the end, we made it home tired but happy. I still can't believe that I crashed as soon as we got home, and that I slept for 3 straight hours. (And it was only after noon!) Later on, I uploaded my pictures to my online album, which took me a while, and went back to sleep until this morning.

Fortunatly, today I feel a lot better. Being able to breathe will do that to you. As a result, I dragged myself to the gym, as my body was screaming for exercise. I had a good workout, but I think that I pushed myself too far given the circumstances. As soon as we hit the Mall after the gym, and I got out of the car, everything went black and I got dizzy.

Note to self. Don't go crazy overdoing it just because you are feeling better.

But that's the story of my life.

Today, we are going to see Iron Man. We have looked at our calendar and if not today, it may take weeks if not months for us to make it to the movies again.

But I can breathe again.

And it feels damned good.
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