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Wow, guess I've been too tired to be inspired to post anything these days.

Anywhoo, as an update, my poor little Scandal the Cat spent the weekend in the hospital . . . again. Seems that this time it was an urinary tract infection (or so the vets believe). On top of that, the poor kitten did not want to eat at all, even though the staff at the animal hospital tried really hard, and provided him with a menu of his favorite foods.


(On the other hands, they did nickname him "Mr. Cranky" which means that he was his feisty little self in spite of everything. That made us feel much better about his prognosis.)

This morning, ballistabob picked him up from the hospital and took him home. Immediately, Scandalicious ran to the kitchen and attacked his food bowl with gusto.

Seems that not only my little cat is cranky, but passive agressive as well. Bless his freaky little heart.

At any rate, I am back at work and dealing with yet another report from Hell. It sure will keep me busy for the time being.

And now, for your entertainement, here is the link to my pictures from Quito.

And here is one of my favorite ones from that album, which was taken at the Palacio de Gobierno. It is a beautiful mosaic, and it reads "The Sacrifice of 3000 Aborigins Glorifies the Presence of Ecuador in the Amazon River." Truly a harrowing message. One that cannot be forgotten any time soon.

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