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Travel, Movies, Popcorn, Oh the Excitement!

Not much to post. I am getting ready for my trip to Ecuador, so lots of laundry have been made, and I think that I have most of my stuff ready.

The most important things? Money, passport and tickets have been taken care of, so everything else is negotiable.

Well, not everything else. I need to make sure that I have all the documents in order for my presentations, and that I have all my wardrobe packed. But you know what I mean.

Yeah, this is work travel, what can I say? But it's still entertaining.

So most likely, no rapier practice this Thursday, on account of encountering myself flying back. No helping that.

On other news, I have updated my webpage again. This time, I have uploaded my article on my redaction of Taillis, a delicious bread pudding. This article had been previous publised in The Oak, the Atlantian A&S Newsletter, and I figured that it would be a good idea to post it to my page as well.

The pudding is really good, if I say so myself. Try it with ice-cream. It's really nice.


Last but not least, last night Marcellus and I went to see "Forbidden Kingdom," the latest Jet Li/Jackie Chan flick. I have to say, it was awesome. Not the usual kind of movie you usually expect from those two, but a wonderful tale all the same and, who can resist Jet Li and Jackie Chan rolled up in the same movie?

Not I.

Next time, we will be watching "Iron Man." Forget about the fact that the reviews are terrific. It has Robert Downey Jr. in it. In a flying suit. What more can I ask for?

And then there is the latest Indiana Jones movie.

Gah! So many movies! So little time!

Hook me up to the popcorn machine!

Or at least bring out the Jiffy Pop!

I'll be residing in the movie theater if you need to get in touch with me.
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