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The Attack of the Beauty Kits

So how many "beauty gifts" can a girl acquire, before running away screaming at the mere sight of a brightly colored cosmetic case brimming with samples?

Too many, if you ask me.

Yes, boys and girls, as you may have probably noticed I am addicted to nifty face creams and treatments, as well as to make-up. Problem is, I don't think that I will need to purchase any more lipstick or eyeshadow any time soon (probably for years!) thanks to free beauty promotions, and I really don't know what to do with the make-up cases that come with the blasted things.

And why? May you ask, have I ended up in such a colorful pickle?

Because every time that I show up at the make-up counter to replenish any of my creams, make-up removers, or anything else, the department store happens to be running a promotion that involves a free gift with purchase.

Bonus points if what you need to replenish is from two different brands. In that case, you end up with two or more of the wretched things. I swear, they are like Tribbles. They multiply when you're not looking.

It has been suggested to me not to purchase my stuff in department stores, but to go to a place like Sephora where these promotions theoretically do not exist.

It doesn't work.

For one thing, they don't carry the brand I like and, for another, they have taken to giving me small samples of random stuff every time I purchase anything. I'm telling you, there's no escaping the attack of the beauty gifts.

It all started two years ago when I needed some travel sizes, thanks to the whole bomb-in-a-shoe airport brouhaha, which brought about increased airport security regulations that require that your entire belongings are crammed in a 1 quart Ziploc baggie.

At the time, I was wondering who would have the best giftie, and settled for a little Borghese kit that I got for free as a reward for purchasing some face powder. Oh, I was so happy at the time! Clever Belfebe had gotten what she needed to go flying and not worry about not being pretty once she landed.

Little did she know that this would start a trend that would attempt to destroy the little sanity she had left . . .

These days, I have to time my purchases and try to catch them when they are not giving away anything.

Easier said than done. I don't know if it is because the flailing economy and the stores are trying to boost sales by giving out these things, or simply because there is a conspiracy. I bet that there are aliens somewhere trying to take over the world one eyeshadow at a time.

And yes, I know. It would be simpler if I just refused to receive a beauty gift. However, like many other people I just can't resist getting something for free.

(Plus, they are cute!)

(Like Tribbles!)

I have also given some of these to friends and family, but it seems that the more I give away, the more gifties I acquire. Pretty soon, I will need to make an addition to my home just to house the bloody things.

Oh, well. I guess it is the price you pay for beauty.

And now, I must leave. It seems that the cat is being attacked by the lipstick bars and the mascara tubes are jumping into the fray.


It's not easy being me.
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