belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

The Merry Wives of Windsor and Other Tales

So what will be the topic for today?

Hmmmm . . . let me see . . .

Fitness. Oh, yeah.

For those you gym types, is it just me or is it that more guys take the approach of "My dumbell is bigger than your dumbell," than women?

Don't get me wrong, many guys out there do have a clue, keep their form, and do not constitute a danger to themselves and others. However, there are some out there who make me cringe just to watch them strain themselves to the point of injury.

I bet they get Christmas cards every year from the chiropractors.

Go figure.

And then there are The Merry Wives of Windsor.

These characters do not refer to the Shakespere play about the misadventures of Sir John Falstaff. It refers instead to a couple of guys who tend to show up every morning at the gym, and who spend much of their time telling each other (loudly) stories of their love conquests -- all of which invariably end up in a "She was a bitch."

I gather that they are both having trouble finding a date.

Personally, I think that they're missing a wonderful opportunity to date each other, only they have not realized that yet. Admittedly, they have been a great source of fun since they remind me a lot of the guys of "A Night at the Roxbury." All they need is to start banging their heads and you get the picture. By all rights, I should be annoyed by them. However, they provide morning entertainement, so I don't.

But the Wives have dissapeared lately, a fact that has saddened me no end. A new gym opened not long ago a block from our old one, which coincides with the dissapearance of these amusing gentlemen. I have concluded that they've either joined the circus new gym, or they have been abducted by aliens, in which case they are probably training with Kang and Kodos.

Who knows? Maybe the'll be taking over the world soon, and make head banging mandatory.

Or maybe they will finally get lucky, and the world will become a better place.

One can only hope.
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