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Geeky Info on a Gown

For the longest time, I have been curious about the construction of the Dress of Dorothea Sabina von Neuburg, which is at the Bayerisches National Museum in Munich.

Yes, I know that the same dress appears in Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion (1560-1620), and that she includes the pattern. What I could not figure out is whether the doublet and skirt were two separate pieces, or if the skirt was stitched to the doublet. I also wanted to know whether the petticoat was a petticoat bodies or if it stood alone.

Call me silly. Maybe the evidence was staring at me at the face all along but, since the pattern did not appear to feature a waistband, I was intrigued. Moreover, Arnold keeps referring to it as a gown, which doesn't tell me whether it is in pieces or not.

Therefore, I did what any reasonable person would do: Write to the Museum and hope to get a reply from a curator.

And a reply I got. In case you were wondering, Dagmar Drinkler, Textilrestaurierung (Textile Restorator?) replied to me that all pieces are separate, and that more information and a pattern had been published in Karen Stolleis: Die Gewänder aus der Lauinger Fürstengruft, München 1977.

I have found the book for about $40 on Bookfinder (it includes shipping!) and I have currently ordered it.

Of course, it is in German.

Of course, I cannot read German.

But I bet it has pictures. And I know it has a pattern. I may yet convince someone to help me translate the interesting bits. Plus I am interested in seeing the similarities or differences on the author's redaction and Arnold's. It will be interesting.

And now, you know.

~ Bel

PS. Of course, chances are that the info was there and I am a moron and couldn't find it. But this makes me feel much better.
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