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A real post today, and one that does not involve the secret sex life of bugs.

Imagine that!

I have finally got myself to watch American Idol again. Since last season left me underwhelmed (really, really boring contestants that crop), it took me a while to get interested this time around. However, since there were 12 finalists left, I decided to jump in and see what's cookin'.

Although I have yet to be impressed by any one of the contestants, they do seem a better picked bunch than last year, although some of them appear to be discarded lounge acts from yesteryear.

Oh, wait! Some of them are! Nevermind . . .

At any rate, last night David Hernandez was eliminated, and this morning the elimination was rated as "unexpected" and "shocking."

Why? Because the guy had been an exotic dancer at a gay night club and the belief was that this may have tainted the judges.

I disagree. I have met a number of very nice guys who happen to be male exotic dancers at gay nightclubs, and I don't think that his elimination had anything to do with that. Actually, the guy sucked, and I cringed at his performance on Tuesday.

True, I did cringe at other performances as well, but this one was just as hideous as those, so I am neither "shocked" or "awed" by the axing. I just do hope that I can get enthused by some other contestant as the competition goes on . . .

On other news, last Thursday I had a blast teaching people how to do some proper exercises that will help with rapier, and left them "homework." Judging by melaniesuzanne's experience, it seems that this is something that folks can enjoy and find useful.

In other words, I am seriously thinking about incorporating the practical tennets of my holistic approach to rapier theory into the Ponte Alto practice. That is, if folks are interested.

This means that I will start bringing my yoga mat to practice, and dedicate 20 or 30 minutes of teaching various exercises that you can do at home to strenghten your body and mind. These exercises are not exactly rapier drills. Those we can do at practice and also leave homework. What this program pursues is the optimizing of your body in order to be able to do those drills and to better your game. And we can personalize the "homework" depending on your level of fitness.

In other words, if you are someone that has done nothing before, we can start you on a mini-program that will bring you up to more advanced exercises later. If you have done it before, then we can do something a little bit more challenging. And so on, and so forth.

The idea is that you can do these things even if you don't have a gym membership. Honestly, some of the most challenging routines ever involve only body weight, a yoga mat, and perhaps a dumbell or two. If you want to pursue a gym later, that's fine. But the idea is that you don't need to spend any serious money to get fit.

I am also thinking about having mini-brainstorms and talks about the mind game, which is something that is normally not addressed at practices.

What do folks think?

Last but not least, I will be arriving late at Bloodbath on account of having to attend a funeral mass on Saturday.

However, there is a friend of my Dark Child who will be attending his first honest-to-goodness SCA event ever (other than Pennsic). His name is Alan, and he will be wearing a kilt and perhaps a furry cloak. He is a bit concerned about the "SCA Fashion Police" as he doesn't currently own any period clothing. I have told him that he has nothing to worry about and that he will be welcome.

So here is the favor I want to ask from you guys: Do you think that you can keep an eye on him and make him feel welcome? Like I said, I will be late (if I can arrive at all), and I would not like for him to fall through the cracks. I would really appreciate this very much.

And with this, I shall go back to the salt mines.

I can hear the whips cracking . . .
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