belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

KASF -- Part I

So there I am, with my camera, at the beginning of Court.

I have the greatest plans to take an awesome pictorial of the entire event, very much like I did for War of the Wings II.

The herald calls for the Order of the Laurel and I think, "Groovy, someone is getting elevated. I'd better look for a good angle so I can take the best pictures without getting in the way."

That's when they call my name.


Someone takes the camera away from my hand and then ballistabob quickly escorts me in front of Her Majesty, while I am still trying to figure out if they made a mistake and maybe read the wrong name.

Her Majesty asks me if I am willing to be put in vigil for induction into the Order of the Laurel.


So yes, yesterday, I was inducted into the Order of the Laurel at Kingdom's Arts and Sciences Festival.

I am still stunned.

I will be posting more later, when I wrap my brain around this a little bit more.

All I can say for now is, I am touched beyond words at the outpouring of love.

You guys are the best.

Tags: events, laurels
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