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Just Shoot Me Now

Hoooray for a day off!

Of course, I spent most of my day editing and updating my webpage.

No, the updates have not been uploaded to the Web yet, but I have hopes that they will be soon. The major update is the new section regarding coifs. And of course, drafting documentation for a competition is completely different than the format you want for an online article; not to mention that I have a lot more pictures to add, and that takes time.

But I am making progress and that's what counts.

On the other hand, I have been making a valiant effort to finish those projects that I had started and that I had never finished. One of those is the French burgundy monstrosity that has been lurking in my sewing room for the past 2.5 years, mainly because:

a) I needed to finish the farthingale;
b) Working on the farthingale is a pain in the ass;
c) After making Wilhelmina's farthingale, I wish I had used satin instead of silk broadcloth for the aforementioned farthingale;
d) I foolishly picked velvet to make the channels (did I mention I hate working with velvet?); and
e) I was avoiding the question of "Did I make said channels wide enough?"

And that's only the farthingale. In regards to the actual gown:

a) The doublet fits me beautifully. I just wish I had not used silk charmeuse. I had to line this sucker like crazy, which brings us to . . .
b) The skirt of course is of the same silk charmeuse. Charmeuse is slinky. I have to line it like crazy to stiffen it and that in itself is a pain in the ass;
c) I am terrified that once I finish the skirt, I will put the velvet guard and it will look weird, what with velvet being incredibly heavier than the silly charmeuse; and
d) What if after all this work, my skirt looks like crap because I used the lighter type of silk, no matter how much I line it?


At any rate, I did finish the farthingale, and it fits me beautifully. Yes, finishing it was a pain in the ass but it is finally done. And no, I have no plans for making another one. This will be the farthingale and no messing.

Those are the good news.

Now, I am faced with the prospect of making the skirt, and pray to the patron saint of seamstresses that the lining works; that it doesn't get funky on me; and that it looks good after I apply the guards.

Otherwise, I will a) scrap the project altogether; b) salvage the silk and make myself a kickass 21st Century cute slinky dress; d) purchase the appropriate material and start another one all over; and d) save the doublet as a reminder of not trying to use the wrong material for a project.

And if anyone asks me why I didn't use satin, the answer is: Real silk satin is much pricier than silk charmeuse. However, to be honest, at this point a good quality bridal (gasp!) poly satin would have done a much better job than the silk charmeuse which needs to be treated to death in order to make it behave properly. Or a dupioni. Not the ideal material, but anything is better than silk charmeuse.

(Good gravy! I think I'm going to get my Pearl license suspended!)

Oh well, live and learn.

In the meantime, I shall make a valiant effort to finish this sucker. If I don't like it, I will dissasemble the skirt and it will be goodbye 16th Century gown, welcome Va-Va-Voom! 21st Century dress.

Sometimes, you just have to cut your losses.

Belfebe out.
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